Chief Creative Officer

A Snapshot of the Opportunity and Candidate Profile

Cossette—Canada’s largest creative marketing and communications agency—is entering a new and exciting phase, with big ambitions and vast opportunities to catapult the brand forward. But they can’t do it alone.

They are looking for a Chief Creative Officer (CCO)—someone who will see this as an opportunity of a lifetime, and is energized by the opportunity to build and shape a team of trailblazers who, as a unified force, take Cossette to the next level.

As a human-centered and people leader, you will foster collaboration and kinship with ease—you will inspire and motivate those around you, and you will come to the role as a leader for teams internal to Cossette and the wider industry alike. You have a natural capacity to make people feel safe, invested in, coached, and mentored. People are drawn to you, which is demonstrated in your record of attracting and retaining top talent. You welcome and understand the utility of structure, organization, and process, not as inhibitors of productivity but rather as assists to help unlock creativity, potential, and people’s natural strengths. You are bold yet humble; you are approachable, yet revered; and, you ultimately lead with empathy, passion and sincerity.

Your professional experience spans multidisciplinary outputs. You understand the role that technology plays in the creative unlock alongside the power of data and real-world applications. You have a rich understanding of video content and digital creation. You know that the craft of print is still a part of our world, one that should be valued and respected, but you balance this with being a person of the times and the future and are also oriented towards the social dynamics of our digital world. You are fluent with new platforms, and new channels and their possibilities.


Among the qualifications being sought in candidates, in addition to having a deep and abiding commitment to equity, diversity, and inclusion in all its forms the incoming leader must understand and believe, intrinsically, the importance of leading with curiosity and welcoming ideas that can later be synthesized and turned into possibility. While all candidates are encouraged to apply and, in so doing, share how they see themselves adding value to the Cossette environment, the following credentials and/or experiences are seen as possible markers of the candidates most likely to realize success in the roles: A) several years of experience in progressively senior roles with the creative marketing and communications industry or an industry that can serve the continued growth of Cossette; B) management experience, and the natural inclination to incorporate diverse voices and cultural perspectives in both the work product and the ethos of an organization; C) a history of delivering excellent work for a wide range of clients, and a reputation for being recognized as a leader who adds tremendous value to both their teams and clientele; and, D) the ability to communicate clearly and compellingly in verbal and in written form.

How to Apply

At Cossette, creating meaningful work means embracing different perspectives. The agency is an equal opportunity employer and all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to age, colour, ability, national origin, race, religion, sex, or sexual orientation. Not only are these provisions protected by provincial and federal law, embracing difference is what makes Cossette what it is—and the agency wouldn’t have it any other way.

Cossette is partnering with BIPOC Executive Search to ensure an applicant list that is as diverse as possible, a list that includes candidates with broad cultural-lived experience and intersectional identities. All interested applicants can send their resume to Jason Murray by e-mailing, or can apply through the BIPOC Executive Search mobile app.

Individuals requiring accommodations during the process can make this known using the email address above.   

We thank everyone for their expression of interest—and are truly appreciative of the time individuals put into applying—but with the limitations of time only those selected for an interview will be contacted

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